Education Products and Services

Revcontent requires that all claims relating to the results of education products and services be substantiated.


Revcontent requires that all earnings claims relating to the results of education products, software and services be substantiated and that clear and conspicuous disclosure be provided that earnings results will vary and are not guaranteed. Typically, "clear and conspicuous" means a disclosure that is placed prominently and in close proximity to claims on a landing page which is at least 12 pt font or 16 pixels, with a 4:5 contrast ratio.


Any landing pages with claims of employment or job availability made in any form including through ad text, images, calls to action, product labels, testimonials, endorsements, first person descriptions and before and after images, must have a disclosure clearly and conspicuously presented, in 12 pt font or 16 pixels, 4:5 contrast ratio, which materially states: "Results will vary. An average of ___% of customers report finding employment related to utilizing this product within ___ months of purchase. Documentation of these results may be found here: <hyperlink>."
Any landing page with claims or messaging falsely suggesting that it is an employment listing or job placement site will be denied.

 What happens if I violate this policy?
  • Ad denial: Ads that don't follow this policy may get denied. A denied ad won't be able to run until the policy violation is fixed and the ad is approved.
  • Domain disabling: We may suspend websites that violate this policy, meaning that the website can no longer be advertised with Revcontent until the problem is fixed.
  • Account suspension: An account may get suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the suspended account will stop running, and we may no longer accept advertising from you. Any related accounts may also get permanently suspended and your new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup.


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