Basic Campaign Information

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Campaign Name: You will want to name your campaign clearly so it's easy to locate once you have multiple running. We recommend you use the following naming format:

Geo - Vertical - Device - Optional

(with "Optional" being used to capture additional unique data)

Example: US - Skin - Mob – iOS


Bid Type: RevContent offers two different campaign models, CPC and vCPM. Our CPC model is based on clicks while our vCPM is based on impressions. For more information about CPC campaigns, click here. For more information about vCPM campaigns, click here.


Bid Amount: This is the starting default bid that'll be used across all targets. Your bid amount should be determined based on the Location(s), Device(s), and Vertical(s) you'll be targeting. Once your campaign has been created, you can easily adjust this bid at the widget level. Granting you greater control of your campaign's spend and overall return. Greater details regarding these options can be found here and here.


Budget: This is where you set your campaigns daily spend amount. The minimum daily budget for boosts is $100 per day. When you reach your daily budget, your Boost will no longer serve on the network. 


NOTE: unlimited budgets are meant for fully funded accounts with significant budgets to spend on all active campaigns. If you have questions on what qualifies as an unlimited budget campaign, reach out to


Pacing: This option is only available for campaigns with a daily budget. Pacing is designed to give you control over how quickly your campaign's daily budget is spent:

  • On - Spend will be throttled in an effort to evenly distribute throughout the day. 
  • Off - Spend will occur as quickly as there's opportunity to serve. 


NOTE: if you have a relatively low budget combined with higher bids, pacing may struggle to distribute the spend evenly across the full 24 hours.  Pacing attempts to serve impressions based on expected clicks each hour, but low budget/high bid campaigns have a lower tolerance for imprecise calculations.


Conversion Tracking: Allows you to build out a conversion pixel(s) to place inside of your funnel to track when a conversion occurs. For more information regarding this please click here


Brand Logo: RevContent automatically detects a brand logo using your creative destination URL favicon. Alternatively, if you do not have a favicon or you would prefer, upload your own brand image to be used in conjunction with you content on widgets with Brand Logo enabled on them.