Revcontent doesn't allow billing or pricing models that aren't transparent to users. This transparency must be present during the checkout process and clearly tell users how they'll be charged.

  • Your billing terms and conditions must be clear and conspicuous to users.
  • Your billing terms and conditions cannot just be provided via a link.
  • Your prices and billing methods must be easily located on your website and obvious to users.
  • You must provide users the opportunity to affirmatively consent to recurrent billing or subscriptions. This can be done by allowing users to click a button that signifies their consent next to clear and conspicuous disclosure of the price, billing interval, cancellation method, and other material terms. This may also be done through the use of an opt-in box which users must check before submitting their information and which is positioned next to a hyperlink to the terms and conditions.


Providing prices and billing information in very small print on your website isn't considered clear and conspicuous to users.

 What happens if I violate this policy?
  • Ad denial: Ads that don't follow this policy may get denied. A denied ad won't be able to run until the policy violation is fixed and the ad is approved.
  • Domain Disabling / Suspension: We may suspend websites that violate this policy, meaning that the website can no longer be advertised with Revcontent until the problem is fixed.
  • Account Termination: An account may get terminated if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the terminated account will stop running, and we may no longer accept advertising from you. Any related accounts may also be terminated and your new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup.

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