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CCPA Data Request & Data Deletion Request API

Publishers now have the ability to forward CCPA data fetch requests and data deletion requests from users to Revcontent directly without having to ask the user to submit a separate form.

Implementing the following javascript snippet on your page with the placeholder replaced by valid values will submit a request to Revcontent and call the callback function:


  1. <REQUEST_ID> (String, Max 64 chars): unique identifier for the request. To be used for polling the request status and result.
  2. <DELETE_DATA> (Integer, 1 or 0): to indicate whether the user data is to be deleted. When set to "1", revcontent will initiate data deletion.
  3. <USER_EMAIL> (String): the user's email address for auditing purposes. Ensure a valid email address is used.
  4. <PUBLISHER_ID> (Integer): Publisher's account/user ID.
  5. <CALLBACK(bool, string)> (Function): callback function to be called when the request completes. The callback supports 2 parameters - the first parameter would be boolean to reflect if the request was successfully registered and the second parameter would be a string message returned.


  1. The request made to Revcontent can fail when invalid parameters are passed.
  2. Publishers must ensure the callback is called with true.
    Requests can take a couple of hours before the results are ready.
  3. Request results can be polled by utilizing the following API request: https://www.revcontent.com/docs/stats/#api-CCPA-PostUserData
  4. When a data deletion request is received, Revcontent is able to retain some data for auditing and legitimate use purposes. Any retained data is deleted within 90 days.