Supply-Side Platform (SSP) Common Questions

A guide to common SSP onboarding questions

Which demand types are available?

Currently Display/Banner & Native are offered


Which ads.txt lines need to be added to our publisher's files? 

There are no ads.txt necessary with our current demand


What are your OpenRTB endpoints?

  • (no SSL overhead)
  • (SSL)

AWS auto-routes requests to the best location available


    Which OpenRTB version(s) do you run?

    • Support is built around ORTB 2.5

    • Native 1.1 or 1.2 are what we currently support for the Native sub-spec


    Do you use POST or GET Requests?

    We use POST

    Are there any additional headers or user agents we need to set?

    We require a query string parameter for the user ID and API key


    Do you support user synching?

    No we do not


    What are your required or recommended OpenRTB fields? 

    • site.domain

    • imp.native or imp.banner

    • user 

    • device


    Which forms of reporting are available?

    We offer API and UI by default. Additional options such as email may be available by request


    Which timezone do you report in?



    What are your data center locations?

    • us-east-1
    • us-west-2
    • eu-west-1
    • ap-southeast-2


    Do you support video?

    Not at this time


    Do you support and pass bcats onto the DSP?

    Yes we do


    Do you support First Price auctions?

    No we do not


    Do you honor bid floor as part of the impression object in bid requests?

    Yes we do


    We have multi-size ad units. Do you support multiple sizes in a single impression request or should we send separate bid requests for each size?

    You will need to send multiple bid requests for each size


    Do you support any custom extension fields in the bid requests?

    No we do not


    Do you support returning multiple bids for a single bid request?

    Yes we do 


    Do you host any of your bidders in AWS so we can specify the internal AWS address of the bidder?

    Yes we do