Finance and Loan Campaigns Policy Guidelines

The promotion of Financial or Loan advertisements must adhere to the policies listed below:

All Finance & Loans

Campaign Requirements:

  1. All financial advertisements must comply with any/all applicable local laws as well as regulatory requirements.

Campaigns Cannot:

  1. Use any hidden fees throughout a users' experience

  2. Make any false earnings claims

  3. Be promoted in any country that prohibits the advertisement of financial/loan products and services

  4. Use terms such as “easy,” “fool-proof,” or “low risk "on the landing page or at any point in the user funnel

Thumbnails and Headlines Cannot:

  1. Use images of risqué or inappropriately dressed women

  2. Make monetary earning claims (Ex: Earn $976 An Hour From Home)

  3. Be vague/irrelevant so that it is difficult for a reasonable person to determine what product is being promoted

  4. Use terms such as “easy,” “fool-proof,” or “low risk” in headlines

  5. Utilize images of logos, seals, or government checks

Short-term or payday Loans

*Please note: Typical short-term loans require repayment in less than a year, and payday loans typically require repayment upon the borrower's next paycheck.

Campaign Requirements:

  1. Campaigns must be licensed with the appropriate regulatory authorities for the geo being targeted

  2. Campaigns must disclose the typical APR of loans on the landing page


Campaign Requirements

  1. Landing pages must include all relevant details about repayments and interest rates

  2. Initial landing pages must clearly disclose that users need to accomplish several steps to fulfill a standard qualification process

  3. Pages must disclose any additional payment requirements when applicable (taxes, insurance, etc.)

Campaigns Cannot:

  1. Suggest reverse-mortgages are "not payment" or have zero additional fees

  2. Use any images of logos, seals, or government checks on the landing page

  3. Utilize a landing page that suggests the offer is associated with any kind of government organization including the use of names or addresses


Campaign Requirements:

  1. Landing pages must clearly and conspicuously add the CFPB standards disclosure or the equivalent information of the target geo

  2. Pages must clearly and conspicuously state the actual terms offered by the creditor

  3. Include a link that takes the user to the company’s website that discloses any additional terms that may be required

  4. Be Fair Credit Compliant when offering services to consumers or meet the equivalent standards of the targeted geo

Campaigns Cannot:

  1. Deny services to customers due to race, gender, national origin, or other applicable legally protected characteristics

  2. Hide or block any disclosures


Campaign Requirements:

  1. Offers and products must be licensed by the regulatory body in the targeted geo

Campaigns Can:

  1. Promote the following:

    1. Bank Accounts

    2. Banking Services

Campaigns Cannot:

  1. Promote any kind of institution that allows citizens to evade taxes

  2. Promote foreign banks relative to the targeted region

  3. Promote offshore accounts relative to the targeted region

Tax Preparation Companies

Campaign Requirements:

  1. All landing pages promoting tax services to online users must include disclosures as well as a link to the appropriate requirements for the targeted region.

Campaigns Cannot:

  1. Be misleading or deceptive in nature through statements or claims

  2. Promote services through the use of fraudulent or coercive statements

  3. Claim to be certified by the IRS or equivalent organization in the targeted geo without proper substantiation

Payment Services

Campaign Requirements:

  1. Landing pages must add the appropriate payment services license for the targeted geo and/or state where business is conducted (Ex. a money transmitter license)