Headline and Image Requirements

The Do's and Don'ts

Basic Headline Standards


  • Inappropriate or improper punctuation in headlines such as repeated punctuation (???!!!) or symbols (-->, @, *, etc) are not allowed
  • Ellipses(…) are not allowed at the end of headlines
  • Use of ALL CAPS (exception: Acronyms such as NASA)
  • Headlines that objectify women (ex. 10 Hottest Women in the World)


  • The first letter of all major words are capitalized (ex. The World’s Scariest Roller Coasters)
  • All words in the campaign headline have correct spelling and grammar

User Experience - Additional Headlines Restrictions


  • No use of the word "shocking" or any of its derivatives
  • No use of the word “trick” for nutraceutical, finance, or lottery offers
  • No use of the word “breakthrough” relating to weight loss, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or any other serious diseases
  • No false, misleading, or deceptive claims of any kind. All statements made in headlines MUST be substantiated on the landing page
  • No vulgar or crude language
  • No use of the word “erectile” or any of its derivatives
  • Editorial content cannot use images or headlines that contain misleading or outright false information (ex. Transformation content with an untrue before and after)

Brand Name

  • Brand Name must list either the landing page branding, offer branding, or domain branding.
  • Best practices for brand name styling include the following:
  • The first letter of all major words should be capitalized
  • The brand name should not contain symbols or punctuation (including dashes)

Image Quality


  • Image specs are 420 X 315 pixels (or an upscaled increment of that, following a 4:3 ratio)
  • Images fills the entire space allotted for creative (no white space along any sides)


  • Image cannot have a border or partial border
  • Image cannot have text, arrows, or circles in the creative (ex. Casino and Lottery offers are allowed to use arrows and circles)
  • Image cannot be blurry or pixelated
  • Image cannot have animation or flashing (Ex. Fully animated gif images are permitted however the first frame will be used on non participating sites.)

Additional Image Restrictions


  • Zoomed in body parts that are unsettling, grotesque, or unidentifiable
  • Before and after images that imply results from a product
  • Sexually implicit images of women

Grotesque/Graphic/Disturbing Imagery


  • Graphic images of blood
  • Bloody sores, open wounds
  • Dead people, animals or corpses
  • Torture devices in use
  • Mutilation


  • Scary clowns, ghosts, dolls
  • Mugshots
  • Smoking (tobacco only)


These images are graphic and disturbing or include dead animals and are not permitted


These images are grotesque and unsettling and are not permitted


These images depict torture and violence, is disturbing, and is not permitted

Adult/Inappropriate Ad Copy Headline/Image


  • Implied or overt nudity (whether through image cropping or headline implication)
  • Phallic-shaped objects 
  • Body Paint images
  • Images of people or animals with implied or explicit sexual activity
  • Marked and noticeable cleavage or provocative positions
  • Images or headlines objectifying a child in any manner. (Ex: Before and After images containing an image of a child with a sexually suggestive after photo and Headline objectifying the child such as They are so Hot Now)
  • Photo-shopping to enhance sexuality
  • PDA including self-groping (excluding images of light kissing if relevant and tasteful)
  • Sexually explicit language
  • Images of women wearing undergarments for direct response offers (Exception if promoting retail stores for undergarments)


  • Correctly fitting and non-provocative yoga pants
  • Bikinis (must fully cover and be relevant to niche)

Text Only Ads

An ad must include a campaign headline and related image that meets our Image Quality guidelines.

Celebrity Death Content


  • Images of a celebrity who is alive
  • Conspiratorial headlines (ex. This Celebrity Died and No One Said Anything)
  • Group photos
  • Headlines regarding 'Final Net Worth' is held to all of the above guidelines

Language Targeting

  • The language selected must be accurate to the language of the headline.

 Content/Landing Page Mismatch

Ad content must match your landing page.

  • Ex: Content about the world’s best travel destinations cannot click through to a lander about the best turkey chili recipes.

The content type you select should match the setup of your landing page in order for it to deliver properly. Content type options are Article, Video and Mobile App.


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