Maximus and RevContent

Maximus is an automated campaign management platform that operates in real time, giving users the benefits of increased scale and efficiency. Our Fire & Forget™ parameters are customizable, intuitive, and built with highly active media buyers in mind. The Maximus user experience is enriched by a full-service help center, live support, and hands-on management.

Here’s just a sample of Maximus' features and capabilities:

RevContent Site/Widget Optimizations

Set a Site/Widget level Acceptable Profit percentage, a Sample Size of clicks, Lowest Bid and Highest Bid and Maximus will automatically adjust a campaign’s sites and widgets based on these parameters.

RevContent Widget Blocking

Block a specific widget by clicking the BLOCK button next to the widget ID. An in-depth widget report is available in Maximus’ Campaign Details for all RevContent campaigns.

RevContent Widget Block EPC

Set a specified EPC you want to block widgets at, and Maximus will automatically block these with the data you’ve chosen based on the Sample Size.

Multi Step Conversion Tracking

Implement multiple-step pixels to better optimize and account for customers who are purchasing more than one item via upsell or multiple funnels.

Campaign Cloning

Users can quickly clone campaigns within the Maximus dashboard, giving a head start with campaign launch.

Advanced Day-parting Settings

Set time periods in which the CPC, both on a campaign and site level, will remain static.

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