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Mobile SDKs

A guide to setting up Revcontent's mobile software developments kits (SDKs) on iOS & Android

We now offer SDKs for iOS & Android, giving Publisher’s the ability to quickly integrate Javascript widgets into their mobile apps and sites. Details and setup instructions can be found here


• Can styling still be applied to my widget(s)?

Yes, custom CSS can be applied to each widget in the same manner as a standard Javascript widget implementation

• Does the SDK support 3rd party RTB demand?

Yes it does. Publishers are able to pass the "baseurl" to the webview which loads the widgets. This is very important for RTB as verification of the URL is necessary for a bid to occur.

• Do the SDKs support standard widget settings such as the ability to enable clean.io?

Yes. All standard widget settings are supported including the ability to enable advanced fraud filtering tools such as clean.io