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Native CPC Best Practices

Welcome to native advertising! Whether it’s your first time buying native traffic, or you’re a seasoned advertiser, you can benefit from implementing these best practices we’ve put together for you.


Getting Started

Below are specific tips on bidding, content creation, and optimizations strategies to help you to be able to create your first campaign in minutes.

You’ll want to add a conversion pixel if you’re are trying to track purchases or leads. Be aware, you can’t utilize both the conversion pixel and our S2S tracking at the same time.

We suggest uploading 3-5 pieces of content into your boost at a time. You only want to run 2-3 at a time for testing, then switch with the other creatives to see which performs best for you. It’s important to try out new, unique creatives and to keep an eye what creatives bring in the best CTR for you.


Targeting Tips

Our top five largest geo sources are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We suggest when targeting one of these countries to do so individually.

When targeting smaller geos, it is best to target other alike countries to boost your overall inventory. When targeting these smaller countries, reach out to our support team to make sure your settings are best optimized for these countries. Overall, breaking out your campaign by device type is suggested. Desktop tends to have a higher bid than mobile and tablet.


Bidding Tips

Your bids, along with your CTR, plays a critical role in what widgets you receive traffic from and where your ads show.

For our larger geo sources, we recommend the below bid ranges:

Direct Response (purchases and leads):

$.25 - $.35 for Mobile and $.45 - $.65 for Desktop.

Editorial (pageviews):

$.03-$.09 for Mobile and $.10-$.15 for Desktop

While these are great starting ranges for bids overall, make sure not to forget to adjust your individual widgets bids, as this will open you up to more volume from those sources. Until you do so, you will only receive a sample of the available traffic.  


Optimization Tips

Once you get the above areas set up, you can turn your focus to making sure your campaign is fully optimized. A big factor in this will be your CTR. A strong CTR allows you to scale back you bids a bit and attain those higher placements.

For Direct Response Offers, you’ll want to aim for a CTR of 0.4-0.6

For Editorial Pages, you’ll want to aim for a CTR of 0.5-0.8

Allow your creatives to run for a week or until you’ve hit at least $300-$500 spend before you start analyzing the data to see what is performing for you.


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