Pageviews Per Session Tracking

A guide on tracking pageviews per session

Pageviews per session (PV/S) is a useful metric that enables editorial advertisers to determine article and/or gallery page depth.

Setup Instructions

At the very bottom of your campaign's "Settings" section, you'll find the following implementation instructions:
  • Simply copy these 2 lines of script and paste them into the pages you'd like to track:
<script src=""></script>
<script>rev('event', 'page_view');</script>
  • Once the tracking script above has been implemented and the campaign is actively serving, stats can be reviewed in the campaign's "Widget Targeting" tab under the "PV/S" column.

Sample implementation

<title>Sample PV/S Implementation</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script>rev('event', 'page_view');</script>

Sample implementation using Google Tag Manager


Testing your PV/S script

To test your PV/S script using your browser's Developer Tools, please follow these steps (Chrome will be used in the following example):

  • Open a browser window
  • Right click and select "Inspect"
  • Navigate to the Network tab
  • Type "rev.js" into the filter box
  • Open the landing page you've implemented the PV/S script on
  • You should now see a request from the PV/S script ("") returning a successful 200 status. This means the script is successfully communicating with our servers, and you're ready to start tracking PV/S stats within your campaign's Widget Targeting section.