Publisher CNAME (Subdomain) Setup

Email systems have a variety of checks that they perform when determining if an email should be labeled as spam. It is for this reason that it is very important that all publishers set up a specific subdomain that points to an adserver when using email advertising and making sure that it is SSL compliant. Many people call this a CNAME or a whitelabel, but the technical process is different. RevContent must be provided with the subdomain that the publisher wants to use in their newsletters for advertising purposes to start the process.

  1. Publisher provides specific subdomain for provisioning in RevContent system in the form of Replace with your specific domain.
  2. Revcontent provisions publisher specific subdomain and generates two CNAMEs, one for the CDN distribution and one for the SSL certificate validation.
  3. Publisher receives the two CNAME name value pairs to be added to their DNS entries and adds both to their DNS for their domain. If there is an option for setting up a proxy record, do not enable it. The record must be DNS only. This step is allowing the RevContent system to be an end point for that subdomain to allow email advertising to use the publisher’s own subdomain for serving along with registering a SSL certificate for that purpose.
  4. RevContent checks that the publisher subdomain is properly provisioned using automated DNS tools and continues on further integration to ensure that SSL ad serving will be able to utilize the publisher subdomain. Upon successful completion of this integration, the publisher is able to move on to the next step for their email advertising newsletter integration.