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Publisher Prebid Integration

A guide for setting up Prebid Native in Google Ad Manager


When going through the Prebid engineering setup, set up a ‘revcontent’ bidder for each ‘adUnit’ placement you’d like to place Revcontent in

1) Determine the size you’d like to serve in the ad unit:


Supported sizes:


300x250 - Medium rectangle

728x90 - Leaderboard

300x600 - Half page or large skyscraper


var size = {width: 300, height: 250};

2) In the ‘bids’ field of the ad units you’d like to have Revcontent widgets complete for inventory you’ll need to add a new bidder. Add your account details in the highlighted sections. Choose the widget id that associates with the placement.


   bidder: 'revcontent',

   params: {

       size: size,

       apiKey: '<API_KEY>',

       userId: <ACCOUNT_ID>,

       domain: '<SITE-DOMAIN>',

       endpoint: 'trends.revcontent.com'



3) See: https://github.com/prebid/Prebid.js/blob/master/modules/revcontentBidAdapter.md for extra options, such as bid floor, and custom template.

4) See: https://github.com/prebid/Prebid.js/blob/master/integrationExamples/gpt/revcontent_example.html for a full example in context.

Once ads have served (won the bid and displayed the ad), the Revcontent UI should show stats for the widget (manually or automatically created for this domain) in the UI.