Publisher Account Tour

An overview of the publisher "Dashboard" and "Site Widgets" tab. Highlighting some of their key features

Publisher Dashboard Features: 

Live Click Map

Shows last 500 clicks on a world map or US map

Contact Information

Displays information for your Revcontent generic support, specific account representative, or specific account manager. 

Performance Graph

Tracks trends against certain metrics, such as: 

  • Page Views
  • CTR%
  • Clicks
  • Ad CPC
  • Ad RPM
  • Ad vRPM
  • Ad Revenue

Performance Insights SnapShots

Shows snapshots of the following metrics:

  • Net Revenue (today)
  • Projected monthly Revenue
  • Average Ad RPM (today)
  • Total Ad Clicks (today)


Site Widgets tab Features: 

Shows you every widget you have on the account, along with each individual widget's data, such as:

  • Page Views (total widget loads)
  • Viewability percentage (views divided by the total number of widget loads)
  • CTR (click-through rate)
  • Clicks
  • Average CPC (cost per click)
  • Average Ad RPM (revenue per 1,000)
  • Average Ad vRPM (viewable revenue per 1,000)
  • Net Revenue 

The date range can be adjusted to any time period you would like to review

Other options on this page are to see performance by: 

  • Pages
  • Domain
  • Country
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

By selecting the “performance icon” next to an individual widget's stats you can see all those options broken down on the widget level. 

For more detailed information on filling out your payee profile, please visit: Payment Methods