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Push Notification API

There are two endpoints to interact with for push publishers. The first “Request Push Content” endpoint will return content you are able to push out - everything you need from image, headline, and url will be returned to you. 

The second endpoint “Track Events” is what you will POST to when displaying a push to the user. It is required that you track impressions - the impression hash that is given in the content call is what is passed to the track call.

Request Push Content


GET push.revcontent.com/push/content/

Request Parameters:



country_code - EX: us, ca, in, br

device - EX: desktop / mobile / tablet

format - (Optional) Ex. json / xml

Request Example:


Response Example:

[{"headline":"The 12 Best Headlines Of All Time",
"brand":"Big Brand",

Track Events


GET/POST https://push.revcontent.com/push/track/

Request Parameters:


Request Example:


Response Example:

204 No Content

NOTE: image dimensions can be modified by string replacing on the h and w parameters of the image in the response