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Using RevGPT for AI-Generated Headlines

With RevGPT, you can now harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to create headlines that will capture the attention of your intended audience.

RevContent considers the click performance of content as well as bids to make impression-serving decisions.  Generating and testing unique headlines is a great way to give your campaigns the most competitive content to drive more impressions and clicks.

RevGPT will use your existing content as a prompt for generating new headlines so your campaign will need at least one piece of approved content. When you navigate to your campaign’s content, you should see the “Ask RevGPT” button next to each piece of content.  

When you click the “Ask RevGPT” button, our AI tool will produce several variations of your headline.  Browse the generated options and click the versions you like to create new content that matches the AI-generated headlines with the image from your original content. 

After you have selected the headline options you like, you will see the new content in your campaign with a status of “Pending”. 

Our Policy Team will review the new headline and then, once approved, your new content will begin competing for impressions.


Important Note: RevGPT is not available via the API.  Log in to your account at Revcontent.com to access the tool.


Watch this short video to see the RevGPT tool in action: