RevMail ESP - Upland PostUp

A guide to generating UUIDs with Upland PostUp

PostUp offers tags which dynamically pull in campaign data. By using combinations of these tags we can generate and pass unique identifiers (UUID) into the key parameter without the need for any javascript. For example:

[-RECIPID-]  pulls in the unique ID of the recipient
[-MAILINGID-]  pulls in the unique ID of the mailer
[-TIMESTAMP-] pulls in the current date & time

By combining these tags we can successfully create a dynamic UUID and our key parameter would therefore look something like this:


If you'd like to view all tag options or modify the sample provided above:

  • Navigate to the Content tab
  • Scroll down the page to the HTML content box 
  • Locate and select the position where you want to insert a tag
  • Click on the General Tags box under the Asset Library accordion menu 
  • Double click the desired tag from the list

NOTE: the same UUID must always be passed into the key parameter of both the click and image URLs