Validating Email Newsletter Setup

It is critical that all newsletters are properly tested before going live with any email advertising. This is a required step before being able to monetize any newsletter.

  1. Publisher integrates ad code for each specific placement into their newsletter template.
  2. Publisher ensures that the correct merge tags for their ESP have been used in the ad code.
  3. Publisher sends a test email to: to ensure that the ad code integration is working correctly.
  4. RevContent will inspect the test send and perform a series of checks to ensure that the integration is functioning correctly.
  5. RevContent and the publisher will work together to resolve any issues before going live and multiple test sends may be required.
  6. Once all the checks have been completed, the publisher must add to all newsletter lists that contain RevContent email advertising. This is to ensure that checks can be done over time without further publisher work.
  7. Publisher can monetize their newsletters.