Weapons Policy

To help ensure the safety of individuals, Revcontent does not allow the promotion, whether directly or indirectly, of some products or services that can cause bodily harm. This includes, but is not limited to the following products:

Guns, gun parts, and related products

Is content or sites that:

  • promote the sale of firearms or sporting or recreational guns that can cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • promote fake or toy guns that appear to be real guns.
  • promote the sale of any firearm-related product that to or enhances the functionality of a firearm.

The following is allowed: Ads or sites promoting gun parts and associated items that increase the safety of a gun.

The following is not allowed: Ads or sites selling or buying firearms or sporting or recreational guns, whether for sport, self-defense, or combat.


Is content or sites that:

  • Promote products that are designed to explode and could cause damage to nearby people or property. 

The following is not allowed: Products that fit the above description or ads or sites with instructional content about the assembly, enhancement, or acquisition of explosive items.

Other weapons

Is content or sites that: 

  • Promote any of the following products.

The following is not allowed:

Ads or sites promoting knives with the intended use of injuring an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat.

Ads or sites promoting any other product that's designed to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat. 

Ads or sites promoting instructional content about illegal assembly, acquisition, or enhancement of any of the products mentioned in this policy. 

Please also note section 25 of our Publisher Agreement:

The Publisher agrees not to use, post, or advocate the use of the Widget or any Recommendations in association with any material or content that is or could be deemed to be, illegal, unlawful, or infringing under any applicable laws (including, but not limited to, content that violates a third-party copyright (e.g., illegal streaming websites)), pornographic, obscene, promoting illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia, related to gambling (unless legal in the location offered), or related to weapons or ammunition (unless legal in the location offered).

What happens if I violate this policy?

  • Widget Removal: Articles that don't follow this policy may have their widgets disabled. A disabled widget won't be able to run until the policy violation is fixed.
  • Domain disabling: We may suspend websites that violate this policy, meaning that the website can no longer be monetized with Revcontent until the problem is fixed.
  • Account suspension: An account may get suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all widgets in the suspended account will stop running, and we may no longer accept traffic from you. Any related accounts may also get permanently suspended and your new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup.