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Widget Targeting and Bidding

Edit bids for individual widgets to help boost performance

When launching a new campaign, you will only have access to <10% of a widget's volume. When you navigate to the Widget Targeting tab, you will see the name of the Targeting Topic in brackets below the widget id:



This signifies that you have not adjusted your bid on the widget and are only able to get a fraction of the available traffic.

Once you have adjusted your bid, this information will be removed and you will slowly be opened to the additional volume from that source over the next few days.

Below is a step by step guide to help walk you through how to get to the widget targeting tab to adjust your bids


Step 1 - Navigate to the 'Campaign Boosts' section of the UI



Step 2 - Select the boost you wish to update bids/targeting for


Please note: You can skip step three by selecting the option, Widget Targeting, on the right in the above screenshot.

Step 3- Click the 'Widget Targeting' tab


Step 4 - Select the widgets that you want to adjust the bid for:

One great option is our percentage bidding tool, which allows you to adjust your bids in 10% increments instead of manually entering a bid on each widget:


Similarly to to the individual level, you have the option to adjust by percentage on all your widgets. Simply click the green "Adjust All Campaign Bids by %" in the upper left of the screen.


Adjust the percentage in the pop up window and confirm by clicking "Adjust Targeted Bids"


You can also update an individual widget manually:


Or do so through our mass bid tool. Simply check all widgets you would like to update and then adjust the bid at the top in the box that appears at the top of the page:


Step 5 - Remember to hit the checkbox to save your changes when manually adjusting the CPC bid.


Alternatively, You can also do a mass upload via CSV


For more help on how to set up and use the CSV upload please see below:

Bid by Widget - CSV Upload

Advertisers have the ability to mass update & add widget bids by CSV upload. To use this feature:

  • Navigate to the “Widget Targeting” tab
  • In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll select the green “Upload bid CSV” button
  • You’ll now be prompted to select the CSV file containing your widget bid updates and/or additions
  • In just a moment you should receive a green success message confirming the widgets provided have been updated

NOTE: in order for this feature to work properly

  • The uploaded file must be in CSV format
  • Column 1 should contain the list of widget IDs (with no header in the first row)
  • Column 2 should contain the correlating widget bid to the thousandth decimal place (with no header in the first row)