Campaign Statuses

A quick checklist as to what the different statuses mean

The following are different statues that can display for your Campaigns:
Active - Campaigns that have at least one piece of approved content and are eligible to run on the network will display the Active status.


Archived - Campaigns that have been archived will display the Archived status.


Balance Issue - Your account balance is insufficient to cover the daily campaign budget for your campaigns. You will need to upload additional funds to continue running your campaign.


Budget Exhausted - Campaigns that have run on the network that have met the daily budget for the Campaign will display the Budget Exhausted status. If you would prefer your campaign run throughout the entire day you can turn the pacing option on inside of your Campaigns settings. For more

information on how this tool works click here.


Content Missing - Campaigns that are created but do not have any content added to the campaign will display the Content Missing status. Click here for our FAQ on how to add content to your campaigns.


Credit Card Missing - Campaigns that are created and have content added, but do not have a credit card on file will display the Credit Card Missing status. Your content will display the status Credit Card Missing as well. To add a card to your account, visit the Payment Methods page.


Content in Review - Campaigns that are created with pending (or pending and denied) content with a payment method on file will display the Content in Review status.


Content Denied - Campaigns that contain only denied content will display the Content Denied status. To learn more about content denial, please take a look at our common denial reasons .


Credit Card Issue - Campaigns with at least one piece of approved content, but with an issue with the credit card on file will display the Credit Card Issue status. The issue with the card on file can be an incomplete credit card authorization form, expired card, or a denied card. You can learn more about the issue with the card by visiting the Payment Methods page.


Disabled - Campaigns that are eligible to run on the network and have been manually disabled will display the Disabled status.

Inactive - Campaigns that are not currently active (due to date/time settings) will display the Inactive status.